Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our Donkeys Get Their 15 Minutes of Fame

Our miniature donkeys, Riley, Peso, and Cisco, are enjoying a rush of publicity this month. They were the subject of my Slow Lane essay in the Spring 2013 issue of Country Gardens magazine. Then the New York Post did a story about gardening magazines and the donkeys were mentioned there too. Here's what the article said:

"City slickers looking to populate their new rural spreads may want to know: What exactly are donkeys for? “They pay attention,” Country Gardens explains. These big-eared sentinels are eternally suspicious of everything from stray coyotes to cars rolling into the driveway. Nor do they enjoy the company of cats and dogs. “They stand in the barnyard with their ears facing forward and their eyes sharpened into little judgmental slits,” the mag says, somehow managing to make donkeys sound like a must-have accessory in the process."

Well, donkeys are a must-have accessory! At least on our farm.

Riley, Peso, and Cisco are probably contacting a agent right now. And they will, no doubt, insist on playing themselves in the movie.

Here's the whole article in the New York Post. My column is in Country Gardens, on the newsstand now.