Saturday, February 14, 2009

Star Trails at the Farm

My son Graham, who is a photography student at Brooks Institute, took this photo on our farm in January. It's our windmill (a restored Woodmanse) with star trails swirling around it. He was outside in the bitter cold after midnight for 40 minutes in order to get this shot (he didn't want to leave the camera and tripod set up and alone in the farm yard because he thought the horses would come over in curiosity and knock it over.)


  1. I got my last CH today. The first thought was "Oh, more Slow Lane! I'll miss the rest of the content,of course, but I'm glad to have found you on Blogspot. It's nice to know you will still be publishing,as well.
    I started a blog on it several months ago ,but haven't kept it up.
    Good luck to you from another farmer,
    Leah Boule'

  2. I love the energy of this shot. Great name, too. And I had to smile when I read why Graham stayed outside in the bitter cold to get it... I'd love to see more of his work.