Sunday, March 21, 2010

Country Woman Essay

Raising kids in the country. This was my topic in a recent essay published in Country Woman magazine. Here's an excerpt:

"Our sons are in college now, living in small rooms in big cities. But I like to think the lessons they learned growing up in the country resonate with them every day. That they learned patience by calming an ­anxious horse; gentleness by bottle-feeding a motherless lamb; and the importance of speed and precision by cadging an egg out from under a broody hen."

To read the whole thing, click here.


  1. I can close my eyes and SEE everything you described so poetically, yet simply.

    I LOVE miniature donkeys-one of my dreams, but I don't think they'd like living in the city. That is why I just have to enjoy visiting with them through you.

    Thanks Karen.


    Sharon Lovejoy

  2. Hi Karen. I came here from Sharon's blog. Lovely - I will be back!

  3. Sharon, I'm sure Riley would love to visit you in the city, but I'm not sure how your neighbors would take to his braying. He has quite the voice!