Friday, July 9, 2010

Sputnik The Corgi

I know that hearing about how adorable other people's puppies are is really boring. Because, really, you might say, all puppies are cute. And that there can be no "cutest puppy." But you are wrong. I have just spent the weekend with the most adorable puppy ever. My son Tristan's new puppy, Sputnik.

Sputnik is a tricolored Corgi puppy and looks like he was assembled with spare dog parts: His big-dog head is fitted on a small-dog body. His batlike ears face forward when he's thinking and twitch sideways when he's eavesdropping. His cinder-block body rides on four stubby legs that end in big clubby feet. (In fact, his ears are longer than his legs.) He wobble-walks across the ground like a wind-up toy.

Smitten? Yes!


  1. Hi Karen,

    I had a corgi when I was growing up and this guy is adorable! I'm pretty sure when the kids leave the nest in a few years we'll be getting a little puppy dog. If Lori took one look at this little guy she'd flip for sure.

    Keep on blogging!


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  3. You had a Corgi? They are fun. I don't know anyone who has one, so this is a new breed experience for me. But seriously, it took a lot of restraint not to run right out and get a Corgi puppy for the farm. And we have six really cute dogs. Someone stop me...

  4. Hey girl, that Corgi is wonderful. Sputnik? For some reason I thought he had chosen another name?

    So happy to see that you've posted. Now I must assume that you'll do this at least weekly? True?

    Love to you two,


  5. Hi Karen,
    I popped over from Sharon's blog when I saw the cute photo of Sputnik! He's adorable...! We have a MUCH LOVED corgi too and are new to the breed as well!

    Here's the post about how we learned about all things Corgi's!

    Enjoy that little guy!
    Dandelion Wishes,

  6. I think you are right and that is the cutest puppy in the world, and I also think you should get a corgi for the farm. I would love to come and visit it. Sputnik is, I think, probably the greatest name for a corgi puppy ever.

  7. So glad to have found your blog. I've recommended it to friends as well. I really enjoy Slow Lane and just read it in Country Gardens. Looking forward to visiting often.

  8. My corgi's name is Sputnik! She is 11 years old now.