Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chickens in the Mail

Although it's still the end of January, I'm thinking forward to spring: seed starting and chicks! I'm eager to start lettuce greens. And we’ll be making our spring chick order from Murray McMurray Hatchery soon too. Then, we'll get the early morning phone call from our local Post Office that our box of chicks have arrived.

Chicks travel through the mail? Read more about that in my “Slow Lane” column in Country Gardens magazine; the Early Spring 2012 issue is on the newsstands now. Here’s an excerpt:

“A small box of live chicks is a funny sight. So we stare down at them for a long moment—taking in the strangeness of a world where chicks can be sent through the mail like birthday cards or electric bills—then close the box and drive home."

1 comment:

  1. I love it! It has been years since I got chickens in the mail, raised them on hot rocks under sand in the bathtub since we didn't have electricity. Moved them out to their little barn later still using hot rocks under the sand, rocks heated on a gas range. Raised beautiful leghorns, let them run and built an adobe chicken house for them where they could roost at night and lay their eggs. Memories!